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  • Hintergrundbild 1: Das Family Counseling Team lässt Luftballons steigen. © Alexandra Menges
  • Hintergrundbild 2: Räumlichkeiten der IGfB. Sitzecke. © Thomas Steinlechner
  • Hintergrundbild 3: Räumlichkeiten der IGfB. Seminarsaal. © Thomas Steinlechner
  • Hintergrundbild 4: Luftballons fliegen in den Himmel. © Alexandra Menges
Jesper Juul

Welcome to the world of "relational competence" – the art of establishing and maintaining meaningful interpersonal relationships among family members, clients and therapists, teachers and children, management and employees and between people with diverse and sometimes conflicting values. The many aspects of Relational Competence ads quality in the form of empathy, recognition and purpose to communication and authentic life to communities – big and small.
IGfB was courageously founded by Mag. Robin Menges who has done extensive training and postgraduate education by Family Counseling Int. and has committed herself to the values and ways of working with interpersonal relationships.

Jesper Juul


„Die Fähigkeit, empathisch die Welt zu erleben, ist die Fähigkeit, in der Wirklichkeit zu leben.“

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